Who We Are

NüCure Naturals is a health and wellness company envisioned towards fighting disease and mental illness with a natural, side effect free alternative to modern medicine.


What We Do

NüCure Naturals works with charities, universities and research labs to use natural, organic compounds with medicinal properties and strategically combine them to create a synergistic effect, greater than that of each individual ingredient. This process allows NüCure to deliver accessible products free of the harmful side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs, while simultaneously treating more specific medical needs than current market offerings

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How We Do It

NüCure has created a symbiotic management team that shares intrinsic values and rituals. As such, all members of the NüCure Naturals team have a passion for personal growth and self-betterment. By harnessing positive energy through the practice of breath work, yoga, meditation, and reading, NüCure has fostered a company culture directly in line with the company’s mission to help people live healthier and happier lives. As the NüCure team grows, it will focus on maintaining company culture through recruiting like-minded individuals who share the passion for personal growth and self-betterment and are motivated by social impact and helping others.

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Our Story

The NüCure Journey

In January of 2019, NüCures founder, James discovered the power that CBD can have on the human mind and body. Like millions of other people within his generation and many of those close to him, he battled with anxiety and other mental health problems throughout his life. From 2013 to 2018, James had been carelessly prescribed many different medications with the hopes of overcoming these mental health problems. These prescriptions quickly led him down an unintentional path that seemed impossible to leave. While growing up in the midst of the opioid crisis, James witnessed many of those close to him falling victim to this vicious cycle of prescription medications, which induced heavy addiction and even death. After discovering plant medicines ability to enhance his own well-being, it became his personal mission to bring the benefits of alternative, natural medicine to as many people as possible


Our Management Team


James Bennett

Founder, Leader & Innovator

James is a proven change-driven leader with expertise in establishing lucrative business relationships and a strong history of exceeding objectives. He is a Relentless optimist who believes there is no failure, only feedback. Through his effective communication, resourcefulness, and exceptional team-leadership qualities, he is able to build teams where there is no objective they will not try to surpass. NüCure has become his way to use his effective business skills to inspire and lead a team of focused individuals to creating major social impact and helping people live healthier and happier lives.

Patrick Mazurek

Business Development

Patrick has a vibrant history as an entrepreneur. However, while successful, Patrick’s past ventures lacked one thing: significance. Patrick found himself donating his earnings to The Hunger Project as a means to advance his desire for social change. When approached by James in June, 2019, he enthusiastically left his consulting practise to join the NuCure team and pursue the opportunity to channel his entrepreneurial experience and expertise into a vehicle of social change.


“Could anything be better than this,
waking up every day knowing that lots of people are smiling because you chose to impact lives, making the world a better place.”

Nicolas Van Kooten


Nicolas has always been a driven entrepreneur with the ability to solve problems by implementing new and innovative strategies. His entrepreneurial drive has always been motivated by his desire to overcome any obstacle that is put in his path. Nicolas joined the NuCure team as part of his personal mission to solve the countless problems associated with the pharmaceutical industry through James unique vision of a cannabinoid specific natural alternative. NuCure has finally given him the opportunity to help solve the complex issue that is the pharmaceutical crisis while building a business primed to generate social change.

Come Grow With Us!




"After trying NuCures tincture the first time, I immediately noticed a sense of relaxation and felt relief from my anxiety for the first time in what seems like forever


"I had the best sleep I've had in years! I forgot what it was like to wake up actually feeling refreshed and full of energy


"I feel like I can finally relax again. I was willing to try anything to get a hold of my anxiety and the gummies gave me such an overall sense of calm and better well being, not to mention a RESTFUL sleep! Thank you so much!


The Nucure team loves to get outside and enjoy nature as often as we can