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What is NüCure Naturals

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Did you know that 1 in 3 students report feeling depressed in the last 90 days, or that 1 in 5 students suffer from chronic stress?

This is a serious problem that is being constantly overlooked.

That's where NüCure Naturals comes in.

What is NüCure Naturals

NüCure Naturals is a health and wellness company envisioned towards fighting disease and mental illness by providing side-effect free alternatives to pharmaceutical medicine. We work with charities, universities and research labs to combine naturally occurring compounds that share similar medical properties. NüCure is then able to create organic products that safely and effectively combat ailments like anxiety and depression.

The NüCure Journey

In January of 2019, James Bennett — The Founder and CEO of NüCure Naturals — discovered the power that natural health products can have on the human mind and body. Like millions of other people in his generation and many of those close to him, James battled with anxiety and other mental health problems throughout his life. From 2013 to 2018, James had been carelessly prescribed many different medications with the hopes of overcoming these mental health problems. These prescriptions quickly led him down an unintentional path that seemed impossible to leave.

As James grew up in the midst of the opioid crisis, he witnessed many of those close to him falling victim to the vicious cycle of prescription medications only to be driven down the same unintentional path. As he saw first-hand how this led to heavy addiction and even death, James immediately knew something had to be done. After discovering Ashwagandhas power to enhance his own well-being, it became his personal mission to create a vehicle of change that was able to share the benefits of cannabinoids and natural medicine with as many people as possible. This personal mission was what led to the birth of NüCure Naturals.

Company Values:


NüCure strives to expand the horizons of natural medicine by creating specific blends that serve various healthcare needs more naturally, more effectively, and more affordably. As NüCure focuses on creating specialized blends for specific ailments, we actively solicit, reward, analyze, and implement customer feedback to create the products you need and want. Additionally, NüCure constantly keeps their finger on the pulse of emerging trends to stay ahead of the competition and continuously develop the most effective products for our consumers.


As natural medicine usage and research surrounding its benefits are a generally new topic, there is a lack of accurate, reliable information surrounding things like Ashwagandha and other natural compounds. NüCure will serve as a resource for reliable information on the chemistry, production, and infinite number of positive applications of natural medicine. If you have a question about anything, NüCure will be here to provide an answer and help you along your journey to living a healthier and happier life.


We aim to cultivate long term, sustainable relationships with each of our customers and stakeholders, so trust and transparency are at the pinnacle of our business model. Every product is rigorously tested by accredited third-party labs throughout each step of the manufacturing process. We clearly display our ingredients and provide a unique scannable link to each products’ specific lab results right on the packaging. No longer are the days where you are unaware of what's being put into your body.

Social Impact

The NüCure team realizes that creating social change is bigger than business. As members of the team grew up in the midst of the opioid crisis and witnessed the rise of mental health and prescription drug addiction; creating a better world for the countless individuals who suffer from a wide-range of health issues is a close, personal mission. NüCure has partnered with several charities and will donate a large portion of all profits to various life-changing organizations. Additionally, all of NüCure research and development initiatives are designed with the purpose of providing a side-effect free alternative to pharmaceutical medicine.

Our Products

NüCure offers the highest quality of natural, specialized blends with one purpose in mind: delivering a more natural, more affordable, and more effective alternative to modern medicine. NüCure will initially begin with a product line that is targeted to a few key ailments: Stress, Anxiety, Focus, and Insomnia. By combining consumer feedback with cutting edge research to drive product development, NüCure will build a portfolio of products that are tailored to our customers and offer them the freedom to enjoy our cannabinoid products in a way that’ is right for them.


NüCure takes pride in using only the highest-quality natural compounds derived from 100% organic plants. Every step in our manufacturing process — from seed to sale — follows rigorous quality standards implemented by third-party laboratories. Every product is carefully tested at each step of the manufacturing process to result in top-quality, organic, vegan plant-extracts that are free from harmful chemicals and GMO's. Thus, effectively providing consumers with an organic product with many therapeutic benefits, free from the harmful side-effects of synthetic medicines.


NüCure perpetually strives to expand the horizons of natural healthcare by applying plant research to new medical domains; while developing specialized combinations to service existing plant medicine applications better. Through our strategic partnerships with Universities, Charities, and Research Labs, we have established an R&D competency that allows us to deliver more specialized products than our competitors. With this competitive advantage, we plan to utilize the thousands of therapeutic compounds found in plants by developing proprietary combinations that target specific medical conditions.

Imagine, an effective, natural product for anxiety, for stress, for insomnia.

These are only a few of the many health problems our company seeks to correct.

Company Culture

NüCure has strived to create a symbiotic management team that shares intrinsic values and rituals. As such, all members of NüCure management team have a passion for personal growth and self-betterment. By harnessing positive energy through the practice of breath-work, yoga, meditation, and reading, NüCure has fostered a management culture directly in line with the Company’s mission to help people live healthier and happier lives.

As the NüCure team grows, we will focus on maintaining company culture through recruiting like-minded individuals who share the passion for personal growth and self-betterment and are motivated by social impact and driven by their passion to help others.

Does this sound like something you would excel in?

Check out our Opportunities Page

We're always looking to expand our team with like-minded people who are passionate about helping others and making an impact.

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